If you run a business, you have a moral and legal responsibility to make sure waste is disposed of properly.

The best way to manage waste responsibly is to use a reliable waste collection company like Central Waste Liverpool to take your rubbish away.

To meet all your responsibilities, you should also:

  • Keep waste to a minimum by recycling as much as possible
  • Sort and store waste safely and securely
  • Prevent your waste carrier form disposing of your waste illegally

Unfortunately, fly-tipping is on the rise in and around Liverpool. The Environment Agency has also highlighted an increase in the number of cowboy operators charging rock-bottom prices to dump waste illegally.

You need to be careful because if waste from your company is found illegally dumped, you can get a maximum fine of £5,000 – even if the rubbish was dumped by a waste collection company.

Trust Central Waste to dispose of your waste in Liverpool

Established in 1977, Central Waste has helped keep Liverpool clean and tidy for more than four decades.

Hundreds of large and small businesses in Liverpool trust us to pick up their waste 365 days per year.

We provide waste collection services to companies right the way across Merseyside, including: Aigburth, Aintree, Allerton, Baltic Triangle, Birkenhead, Bootle, Childwall, Crosby, Croxteth, Dingle, Edge Hill, Everton, Fairfield, Georgian Quarter, Hairston, Halewood, Halton, Hutton, Kensington, Kirkby, Kirkdale, Knowsley, Prescot, Ropewalks, Seaforth, Sefton, Speke, St Helens, Toxteth, Vauxhall, Walton, Waterloo, Wavertree, Whiston and Woolton.

In addition to regular waste collections, Central Waste also offers recycling services, food waste collection, waste cooking oil collection, one-off commercial rubbish clearances and skip hire.

Why you should choose Central Waste Liverpool

  • Local family-run company
  • Flexible collections 7 days a week, 365 days a year
  • Top customer reviews on Google, Yell and Facebook
  • Friendly service and advice you can trust

For a quote on Central Waste collection services, speak to a member of the team today. Call: 0151 733 5551

The growing problem of illegal waste

Many local authorities including Wirral Council reported an increase in fly-tipping in 2020. It is thought that lockdown tip closures resulted in more household waste being dumped illegally on roads, parks and industrial estates.

More organised waste crime also appears to be growing. This type of crime involves cowboy firms setting up on rented farms or industrial estate and charging companies below market rates to collect their waste. Eventually the illegal operators vacate the dumping sites, leaving landowners and taxpayers to clean up the mess.

The Environment Agency estimates that this type of crime costs taxpayers and legitimate waste businesses more than £600 million per year.

Signs of illegal waste activity at a site include:

  • Out-of-hours activity at night, over weekends and during bank holidays
  • Smoke caused by constant burning
  • More lorries entering a site
  • Growing piles of waste

You can check if a waste collection business is legitimate by:

  • Checking their waste carrier licence is verified by the Environment Agency
  • Asking for a waste transfer notice when they remove rubbish
  • Asking for details of the site licence where the waste is to be disposed of

If you suspect an operator is conducting large scale illegal dumping you can contact Crimestoppers.

Your ‘duty of care’

The best thing you can do to manage business waste responsibly is to use a trustworthy waste carrier like Central Waste Liverpool. Your carrier will shoulder most of the burden of waste management on your behalf, but there are some things that your waste carrier can’t be responsible for.

Some additional things your waste carrier will ask you to do include:

  • Separate different types of waste into different bins
  • Store waste securely
  • Sign a ‘duty of care’ form

How we look after your waste

To make sure we’re offering you the best possible service, we have a set process for new clients.

  1. Site survey

If you’ve been in touch to ask about our services, the first thing we’ll do is perform a site survey to help make sure you get the collection service that’s right for you.

A member of our team will:

  • Check current waste and recycling collections to see if they are too frequent or not frequent enough.
  • Check the different types of waste that you collect to see if we can save you money by increasing recycling.
  • Check the requirements for bottle/glass recycling, cardboard recycling, food waste collection and waste cooking oil collection.


  1. Bin selection

In Liverpool, Central Waste is famous for our classic orange wheelie bins. All our rubbish bins are supplied free of charge to business rubbish collection customers.

Based on the results of the survey, our team will help you determine what combination of bins you need to meet waste and recycling demands. Most businesses use a combination of waste and recycling bins in different sizes.

To help our customers save money and avoid cross-contamination between different types of waste, we supply a variety of secure bins. The four main types of bin that we supply are:

  • Food only bins – available as 240 litre bins, supplied with a clean clear bin liner after each empty.
  • Cardboard only bins – available as 360 litre, 660 litre and 1100 litre bins.
  • DMR (dry mixed recycling bins) – available as 360 litre, 660 litre and 1100 litre bins.
  • Glass only bins – available as 240 litre bins.


  1. Recycling and waste processing

Recycling and waste processing is a key part of waste management. ­By helping you sort and recycle your waste efficiently, Central Waste can save you between 10 and 15% of your annual waste management costs.

As well as recycling paper, cardboard, glass, plastic and metal, Central Waste Liverpool also recycles food waste and waste oil – using this organic matter to create biofuel and renewable energy.


  1. Setting collection schedule

We’ll set up a collection schedule in consultation with you. At Central Waste Liverpool, we operate seven days a week, 365 days a year. We can also offer a high degree of flexibility, meaning you can choose the days and times that suit you.

We can offer frequent pick ups at key times, such as Christmas, or reduced pick ups when you’re a bit quieter.

For a quote on Central Waste collection services, speak to a member of the team today. Call: 0151 733 5551