Why Don’t More Businesses Recycle?

It’s a good question, especially considering the results of a survey taken last year that concluded more than a third of UK citizens actually backed a system of fines or taxes for businesses that don’t take responsibility for their waste.


For many, the traditional way of getting rid of waste has been to send it to landfill, however as tighter waste regulations and controls come in this practice is becoming increasingly costly.


Here at Central Waste Liverpool we never send waste to landfill. We provide regular, flexible, reliable business waste recycling services across Liverpool and Merseyside.

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It leaves most businesses with three options:


  • Get your recycling collected regularly by a licenced waste collection service such as Central Waste Liverpool.
  • Take it to a recycling facility that handles business waste.
  • Trade it, because some waste products can be exchanged or traded with others through apps like the waste exchange or can be donated, offered cheap, or simply reused like packaging materials.


Benefits analysis of business recycling:


There are a number of benefits for businesses that do recycle their waste, and of course there are some barriers too.


The advantages of recycling  business waste:

  • Environmental  – Recycling waste results in less landfill and impact on the environment.
  • Reputation and responsibility – People are increasingly looking at the ethics of a business before becoming a customer.
  • Reducing costs – Managing and handling waste can be costly, while reducing waste brings financial savings.
  • Legal obligation – There is a legal responsibility for businesses to ensure compliance in their waste disposal.


The disadvantages of recycling waste:

  • Creating space – A business needs to collect and separate its waste for recycling and this requires dedicating space on the premises.
  • Recycling costs – For most business waste, there is a cost for collection and recycling (although this is often less than landfill tax).
  • Changing culture – It can take time and effort to shift company processes and people’s attitudes to recycling requirements.


What are the current blockers to business recycling?


Increasingly, the focus looks to be on finding ways to reduce waste in the first place. Clearly there are enormous local, national and global benefits to business recycling in the UK, but that doesn’t always mean adequate systems exist that make it straightforward.


Most businesses will still refer back to the three principal ways of dealing with their waste and seek the best option for their specific waste requirements. But there are still many influences as to why many businesses still don’t recycle their waste products:


It is inconvenient to recycle – One of the biggest reasons for businesses not to recycle is that people still think it takes time and effort to do so.


No incentive to recycle – There are clearly benefits to recycling, the biggest is potential cost-savings, but there seems to be more stick than carrot when it comes to business recycling. For instance, there is a lack of sufficient domestic recycling services from local government and more needs to be done to provide businesses with clear, tangible incentives to recycle.


Paying to recycle – Most businesses generate a lot more waste than domestic properties do, which means they have to pay for it to be collected. The cost/benefit of paying for a waste carrier to collect it requires a waste policy. Just putting in the skip instead is seen as the easy option.


Sourcing a suitable waste carrier – Many businesses consider it difficult to find a reliable waste collector, or don’t know what services they can offer their business.

Here at Central Waste Liverpool we provide regular, flexible, reliable business waste recycling services across Liverpool and Merseyside.

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What is Corporate Social Responsibility?


One big way that businesses are changing their attitudes and overcoming the practical and cultural reasons for not recycling their waste is investing into Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). In particular this means being seen to do their bit for minimising their waste production and their impact on the environment.


Creating a company recycling and waste policy is a first step in this process and it lets customers see they are committed to operating in an ethical, progressive way. In effect CSR is as much about practical common sense to waste management and recycling as it is to commit a business to being a responsible organisation. 


Companies will look at ways they can improve their operations through either reducing waste, reusing it, trading it or disposing of it in a safe and legal manner. If it can be done in a way that saves landfill, reduces environmental impacts, makes positive internal culture shifts and saves money too, then the question of why don’t businesses recycle should be at the very top of an organisation’s business goals. Regardless of how a business deals with waste it must still comply with the duty and care for business waste

New Year Cleaning?

Turn to Central Waste for your waste removal services

Bins for New Year cleaning

If you’ve headed back to work with some resolutions for 2017, perhaps you are currently in the throws of, or planning, some New Year cleaning.

It’s a great idea at any time and even better at this point in the year, when you’re building impetus for the 12 months ahead but a good clear out does mean that your waste services needs will be different for a while.

Particularly in a commercial environment, that is something worth planning ahead for.

*Top tip: have each employee take responsibility for a particular part of the building or a particular task, such as co-ordinating the recycling, and turn new year cleaning into a team building exercise!*

How Central Waste can help with your New Year cleaning

Perhaps December is your busiest time of year and you’re now dealing with the aftermath or maybe returning from the festive break made you realise that your office is overdue a good clear out.

Whatever your reason for doing some New Year cleaning it’s important to remember that it’s all going to need to go somewhere and that, in a commercial environment, there are legal obligations when it comes to waste removal.

Services like ours are here to take care of all that for you.

Central Waste is a specialist waste removal services company, catering to any and all businesses that need us in Liverpool, Sefton, Knowsley and Halton.

If we already handle your waste services then it’s easy to draft in our assistance with the New Year cleaning.

You can simply let us know when and how your waste needs will be varying and we will be happy to cater for it.

If you need additional recycling bins or to take advantage of our document shredding services tell us that too.

If you would like to consider having your waste removal services taken care of by Central Waste, either for the long term or just for the period of deep cleaning, there are options for you too.

Specialist services to assist with New Year cleaning

If you have a big clean up operation underway, hire additional bins, skips or waste compactors from us.

Need to dispose of confidential documentation?

Our shredding service is fully compliment with data protection and we are insured to collect, carry, destroy and recycle confidential waste.

Which Commercial Recycling Bins Do I Need?

The Importance of Business Recycling Bins

Commercial recycling bins

If you are setting up or refreshing your business’ waste organisation plans then this handy guide will help you decide which type of commercial recycling bins you will need.

You’re going to need office recycling bins and outdoor waste bins and you’re going to need to know what to put where.

We’ve put together this short guide for you to clarify what you need to know. Have a quick read of our Central Waste guide to commercial recycling bins and you’ll have everything you need to get going.

Which Outdoor Commercial Waste Bins Do I Need?

Here in Liverpool commercial businesses are responsible for their own waste. Many of them, from SMEs to the largest brands, contact Central Waste to ensure that waste is regularly removed in a compliant way.

When they do, there are a range of outdoor waste bin options:

240L Wheelie Bin

The smallest option. This bin is smaller than a standard sized domestic wheelie bin and suited to a small organisation generating light waste or food waste.

This bin is suitable for general waste, dry mixed recycling, glass, compact industrial and commercial waste. Crucially, this is the one bin that we recommend for collecting food waste. If your business has that requirement you will require one or more of these as a commercial recycling bin. Similarly, if you require a dedicated glass recycling bin – as an indoor or office recycling bin for your kitchen, for example, this is the best option.

360L Wheelie Bin

A standard sized wheelie bin, this outdoor waste bin can contain 4-6 bags of waste.

This bin is suitable for general waste, dry mixed recycling, compactable industrial and commercial waste.

660L Wheelie Bin

A larger option, this bin is operated on 4 casters and has a brake control.

The 660L bin is suitable for general waste, dry mixed recycling, single waste stream recycling (paper, card and plastic), compact industrial and commercial waste. Depending upon your requirements you may need more than one of these commercial recycling bins for different uses.

1100L Wheelie Bin

Our largest option for organisations producing a lot of waste, this bin is operated on 4 casters and has a brake control.

It is suitable for general waste, dry mixed recycling, single waste stream recycling (paper, card and plastic), compact industrial and commercial waste. Depending upon your requirements you may need more than one of these commercial recycling bins for different uses.

Why Central Waste for Commercial Recycling Bins?

Whether you require daily collection of large commercial recycling bins or a less frequent service for small office recycling bins Central Waste Liverpool will offer you a competitively priced, convenient service to meet your needs.

We collect at a time of day and a frequency to suit you and we are committed to recycling as much of the waste that we collect as we can.

The Top 5 Reasons to Recycle

By Liverpool’s Waste Management Professionals

Reasons to recycle waste with Central Waste Merseyside

As a Liverpool waste management specialist with close to 40 years of professional experience we are committed to recycling as much of the waste that we collect as possible due to all of the reasons to recycle.

The reasons to recycle are many and varied and, in fact, we believe that complete diversion away from landfill is a ‘must’ if we are to clean up planet for future generations.

So if your selection of recycle bins feel like a bind, take a look at our top 5 reasons to recycle and remember why we bother!

Reason to recycle number 1 – Uses less energy and preserves natural resources

Recycling waste uses less energy than destroying it.

Incinerating waste or storing it in landfill sites contributes harmful emissions to the atmosphere and adds to our carbon emissions.

Recycling waste makes materials available to use more than once, meaning that we need draw from the earth’s resources less regularly, preserving nature.

Reason to recycle number 2 – Creates less reliance on landfill

Landfill sites are ugly, smelly and bad for the environment. Nobody wants to live near one.

Nobody knows the full long term impact of dumping millions of tons of waste in this way.

We only have two options – to reduce our reliance on landfill sites or to keep creating more of them and, since the earth only has a certain amount of surface area, option one can only be an option for so long!

Sooner or later, we must divert our waste away from landfill. We are committed to making Liverpool’s waste management sustainable.

All you need to do it order to help us with our mission is to use your recycle bin.

Reason to recycle number 3 – Creates raw materials for new products

Plastic bottles don’t biodegrade – they will outlast all of us – but they can be turned into new plastic bottles. Similar is true of many recyclable items.

Creating new products from recycled materials takes less energy and is better for the environment in more ways that we can tell you. Trust us.

Reason to recycle number 4 – Lower environmental impact

In the UK alone, recycling prevents the release of millions of metric tons of carbon equivalent gasses into the air every year. This is the direct result of diverting away from landfill.

When you consider that to recycling aluminium cans takes 95% less energy than creating new ones, you realise that the environmental impact of recycling is even larger.

Reason to recycle number 5 – Better for wildlife

Obtaining raw, natural materials destroys habitats, including forests, wetlands and rivers. We’ve already caused enough destruction and there is no need to do it again.

Now we have everything we need, why not reuse it for the benefit of humans and animals?

Reasons to Recycle; We’ll Do it For You!

For safe, responsible, reliable Liverpool waste management with recycling as top priority, contact Central Waste today, we’ve been doing this for years so we can make sure everything is done properly.