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We offer reliable glass collection and recycling services at competitive prices. Customers can save on average between 10-15% on their glass recycling costs with Central Waste.

We collect any colour glass bottles or other glass products. Our aim is to make recycling easy for you, minimising the cost to the planet and the cost to your pocket.

What type of companies and industries do we collect glass from?

We provide glass collection and recycling from a wide range of businesses, including:

  • High street restaurants, cafes and takeaways.
  • Factory and office canteens.
  • Hospitals and care homes.
  • Supermarkets, corner shops and all types of high street food provider.
  • Hospitality and leisure venues.

How often will we collect glass?

Regular glass collection services are available to suit your requirements. We understand these requirements vary considerably with higher volumes for pubs and restaurants at busy times. Our collections are usually weekly, fortnightly or monthly.

Will glass recycling reduce my costs?

Yes. Separating glass from general waste will reduce your landfill requirements and resulting costs. At Central Waste, we also pride ourselves on our competitive prices. We are happy to discuss how much you can save through glass recycling.

How is waste glass stored?

We supply dedicated bins for glass. There are a range of sizes available to suit the volume of glass and available space. We will discuss with you the best location to store the bins with regard to safety, hygiene and convenience. View our range of recycling bins here.

Which areas do we cover for glass collection?

Central Waste make glass collections throughout the Merseyside area, including Wirral. We currently pick up from Liverpool city centre, town centres and high streets.

Contact us to discuss how we can help with your glass collection.

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