Case Study: Transforming Waste Management in Facilities Management


Industry: Facilities Management
Addressing a range of waste management issues including improper bin usage, pest infestations, and insufficient waste collection frequency across a range of commercial buildings.
Solution: Implementation of a comprehensive waste management and recycling programme, including a site survey, installation of appropriate bins, and increased collection frequency.
Result: A 45% reduction in waste-related costs, a 60% increase in recycling rates, and significant improvements in customer satisfaction.

The Challenge

Our customer who is a major Facilities Management company was grappling with some complex waste management issues. They oversee a diverse portfolio that includes residential blocks, commercial spaces, and hospitality venues. Issues ranged from improper bin usage to persistent pest infestations, all of which were impacted even more by an insufficient waste collection frequency. These problems led to a surge in complaints and decreased overall customer satisfaction.

The Solution

After partnering with Central Waste, we immediately undertook an in-depth site survey so that we could better understand the existing waste streams. This allowed us to tailor our services to the unique needs of each property managed by the Facilities Management company.

  • Proper Bin Usage: We introduced colour-coded bins complete with easy-to-understand signage across all sites to enhance correct waste disposal.
  • Pest Control: An increased waste collection schedule, combined with securely sealed bins, significantly reduced the occurrence of pest infestations.
  • Increased Collection Frequency: Based on the volume of waste generated, we customised the frequency of waste collection, offering options from once a week to as frequent as daily collections for high-waste generating sites.

The Result

Upon implementing the new waste management system, the Facilities Management company reported dramatic improvements:

  • Cost-Efficiency: Waste-related costs were slashed by 45%, thanks to more efficient waste segregation and recycling.
  • Recycling Rates: There was a remarkable 60% increase in recycling rates, aligning the company better with environmental goals and regulations.
  • Customer Satisfaction: The streamlined process led to fewer complaints and an increase in customer satisfaction rates.

By taking a comprehensive and customised approach to waste management, we helped this Facilities Management company turn their waste challenges into opportunities for cost-saving and sustainability. 

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