Food Waste Collection

We can collect your food waste and dispose of it. Our waste collection service is competitively priced and offers a reliable local service.

Which type of companies and industries do we collect from?

We specialise in food waste collection and recycling from a wide range of businesses, including:

  • High street restaurants, cafes and takeaways.
  • Factory and office canteens.
  • Hospitals and care homes.
  • Supermarkets, corner shops and all types of high street food provider.
  • Hospitality and leisure venues.
  • Bakeries and other food manufacturers.

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What is food waste?

  • Left over food from cafes, restaurants and takeaways.
  • Out of date food from shops and supermarkets.
  • Out of date animal feed.
  • Food preparation waste – Meat, fish, fruit and vegetable peelings.
  • Dairy produce.

While teabags are acceptable as food waste, food packaging should be kept separate. If you are unsure about any items, we will be happy to clarify whether they can be included as food waste.

How often is food waste collected?

Regular collection services are available at a frequency to suit your requirements.

Will food waste collection reduce my costs?

Yes. Separating food waste from general waste will reduce your landfill requirements and resulting costs. At Central Waste, we pride ourselves on our competitive prices. We are happy to discuss how much you can save through separate food waste recycling.

How is food waste stored?

We supply strong and sturdy bins suitable for food waste. We will discuss with you how best to store your food waste and determine the appropriate bins for hygiene and recycling.

Food waste clients

We provide food waste collections for Baltic Market, Domino’s, KFC, Malmaison, Subway and many others.

Baltic Market Dominos KFC Malmaison Subway

What is food recycling?

While food is biodegradable, it produces carbon dioxide during this process, which contributes to global warming. When food waste is recycled, it is broken down into components via a process known as Anaerobic Digestion. This can then be burned like fossil fuels, to create energy.

Which areas do we cover?

We will make waste food collections throughout the Merseyside area, including Wirral. We currently pick up from Liverpool city centre, town centres and high streets.

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