Special offer to save local schools money

We all know times are hard and we all know we want to save money & cut costs.

If you manage facilities in a school do you know you may be paying more for your waste collection than you need to?

We want to save you money and we will be happy to take your dry waste, food waste, bottles & recycled goods.

We have been able to save some customers up to as much as 15%.

Why not call or get in touch for a quote today? Maybe we can be mutually beneficial.

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At the same time, please keep your kitchen waste separate from all other waste.

Why? If you don’t know, ask the children in your school, I bet they will know!

Organic waste can be recycled. Food mixed in with recyclable general waste contaminates the cardboard & plastics, making it harder to recycle & riskier & dirtier for the people working on the conveyor belts actually separating the waste.