Recycling commercial food waste

Commercial food waste from restaurants and takeaways contaminates other waste materials and makes them trickier and costlier to recycle. Shoudn’t we be separating our food waste for composting purposes? How much better would that  be for our environment? The only environment we have. Yet commercial composting facilities are few and far between.

Dissatisfied with your current commercial or trade waste collector?

If you’re not happy with your current trade waste collector, you can do something about it. Get in touch with us for a quote

Proud to mentor local Merseyside schools in sports & the arts

Central Waste are pleased to be a corporate mentor for sports and the arts for initiatives in 5 Merseyside schools. They will also be taking part in the Brazilica Art Competition, run by Liverpool Carnival Company, a local registered charity, with a view to promoting awareness of aspects of life in Brazil

Brazilica Festival

Correct food waste management & disposal or more & more greenhouse gas emissions? It’s our choice

Department for Environment Food and Rural Affairs

Check out what Defra has to say about the benefits we can get if we dispose of our organic waste by anaerobic digestion. But this can only come about efficiently if we don’t mix our food & general waste.

Central Waste is supplying its school, restaurant, catering & take-away clients biodegradable bin liners  – don’t mix food & general waste. Let’s change our habits! Keep separate bins for food & kitchen waste! Use biodegradable bin liners! Also, bins with mixed waste are often left with the lids open, which is a health hazard

End food waste – Commercial food waste disposal

We’re all hearing frightening news about how much food we waste. Ending food waste is the responsibility of all of us – whether we eat at home or out & about. Commercial food waste disposal is essential for the proper recycling of non-food waste – this is a service we provide
Check out Love Food Hate Waste‘s website Love Food Hate Waste

Knowsley, come on down!

We’re working our way towards Huyton & Kirkby, as part of our commercial waste services in Knowsley. We’re cleaning up after hairdressers, chippies & takeaways in Dovecot. So give us a call for a quote and maybe your business can do its business with our business.

Takeaways in St Helens, kebab shops in Runcorn & Widnes

We’re looking to take on more customers for our takeaway waste services in the Halton area to add to our portfolio of chippies & kebab shops. Come on, St Helens, Widnes & Runcorn businesses, get in touch for a quote! Your ugly waste is just as attractive to us as Liverpool‘s, Sefton‘s & Knowsley‘s!

Long-standing Liverpool customers for over 20 years – real customer satisfaction

Our record of reliability must really speak for itself. If you manage your school waste collection, you could sign up with us as did the Belvedere Academy

Belvedere Academy… over 20 years ago. Surely a school record in itself!

Have you BIN let down? Don’t suffer in silence

Tired of sloppy messes left when your bins are emptied? Fed up with your existing waste collection?

Many of our existing customers have come over to us after disappointing waste collection experiences. Instead of putting up with this, they made the move and got in touch with us.

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